The Japanese-style inn "Sendan"
entrusts you to the traditional
Japanese culture.
We entertain our guests with
the spirit of season, vessel, wood, feeling,
and living.

about “Sendan”

The origin of the name Sendan is from the old Japanese poem "Sendan smells better than Futaba", which means anything great is great even when it's young.
Sendan is a kind of wood to make incense.

It also has been used in Buddhist statues, sculptures and crafts.
The logo of Sendan is called "Maru ni kouno zu" that is from the Genji-ko of the Kodo, and it is in the form of a roll of "Hahagiki" of Genji story.

markThe middle five stripes represent the five concepts of season, vessel, wood, feeling and living and represent what we provide in our service.

  • Season 季

    You can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring, maple trees in the fall.
    The beauty of the changing seasons makes people feel better.
    It is a gift from nature for busy modern people.
    The green leaves after the rain sparkle in the light, and the wind goes across the garden groves.

    "I'll let the dragonfly hang on the umbrella"
    Haiku by Santoka.
    In Haiku town Matsuyama, we embrace each season in our cooking.

  • Vessel 器

    Japanese food had better to be eaten with your eyes,
    and the beauty of the bowl and display are important.
    Small bowls that add color to simmered dishes and
    grilled dishes and complement small dishes.

    Sashimi plate, small sake cup, long-necked ayu plate
    is also fun. Tea bowl, sake bowl, sake plate and Guinomi-cup.
    According to the season, depending on the material,
    cooperations of a various charasteristics in pottery
    and lacquerware. Each one conveys
    the heart of hospitality.

  • Feeling 気
    Receiving hospitalities makes the depth
    of travel even more vivid. The water at the front door,
    the words of a warm welcome, and Iyo dialect.
    A moderately warm room, a hallway with a voluminous
    scent from anywhere. The sound of the water on the rock
    of Ishitegawa heard in a soft lighted bath.
    Warm things in warm shape. It is the hospitality of
    a Japanese cuisine inn.
  • Wood 木
    Japanese-style architecture, which is exactly handmade,
    is a Japanese culture that values wood.
    Koushi (lattices), Hisashi(eaves), shoji (paper screen) and fusuma (paper sliding door). A row of columns carved on a polished floor post. Ranma (openwork screen above te sliding partitions) carved on a polished floor post.
    The warmth of wood calms the traveler's mind
    and makes them feel better. In addition,
    if you look over Yukimi Shoji, the trees of green young leaves
    cast a green shadow in the pond of bright carp
    that is sun-drenched with sunshine.
  • Living 生

    A busy trip just makes you tired.
    Good trip lets you discover that you are alive.
    Taking nap during the trip. Thinking nothing and feeling its laziness.
    The feeling of forgetting everything.

    Black rockfish, scorpion fish, sea bream.
    Fresh Setouchi fishes give you the moment to feel “Oh, it’s good”.
    It is a discovery of the small universe of being alive.
    The journey of Dougo, Shikoku is a proof of living time,
    that you want to come back again.

Enjoy with eyes, enjoy with tongue. Please enjoy the meal of the salmon which valued the "season".

Price list
Kaiseki 5,000 yen for 1 person
From 2 persons
Not included: Drink fee, service fee, tax
Lunch Kaiseki 3,900 yen for 1 person (Including service charge and tax)
From 4 persons
Not included: Drink fee
  • * We also have menu over 3,900 yen. (Not including drink, service, tax)
  • * Please contact us if you want to come with more than 4 persons.
Usage scene:

Engagement meetings, weddings, receptions, banquets, end of the year and new year parties, birthday celebrations, welcome and farewell parties, anniversaries, celebrations, sixtieth birthday celebrations, etc.

The price for 1 person is 5,000 yen.
Please contact us if you want different menus.

Seasonal menu:
Custom-made dishes: Sukiyaki / Yaki-matsutake / Fugu dishes
As the price of 1 person changes depending on the season, please contact us.

It is a course menu.
We accept more than 2 persons for night and more than 4 persons for day time.
Please make a reservation 3 days in advance.
At that time, please tell us as your request so we can change the menu and price.

Enjoy with eyes, enjoy with tongue. Please enjoy the delicious food of the "Season" at the place you like.

Cuisine inn offers catering services.
We deliver our original dishes in response to your requested ingredients and price range.
It is very popular for hospitals, conferences, and Buddhist mass, and repeated by most customers.
Please feel free to contact us for children’s dishes.

Basic lunch menu

One-stage Ume lunch, Three-stage Take lunch ,Three-stage Matsu-lunch, Unag-jyu, Suk-jyu, Yakinik-jyu, Steak lunch, Shrimp Tomiari Lunch, Ceremonial Lunch 2,000 yen- (Not including tax)

Lunch box 2,000 yen- (Not including tax)

Catering is the service that our chef brings and puts dishes on the plate.
From 8,000 yen (Not including drinks, catering fee, tax)
You can use our catering service at your home dining or engagement meeting.
Please use our catering with good cooking skills, tastes, and decorations.
(Please note that more than 5 people are required for catering service. Area is limited.)

First, call us for details, then we will estimate the price.

Important time with an important person. Sendan produces "time" regardless of day or night.

I would like to taste delicious food in a calm space and deepen the relationship ... I want to taste a little extravagant time in my daily life ...
Please come to Sendan at such time.

We prepare space for you to spend important days.
There is no fixed course menu and price setting.
We hear your requests and budget and offer you our best hospitality.
Please feel free to contact us for a late time usage.
(It is recommended that you make an early reservation because seats may be sold out due to a good day etc.)

Reception, Banquet, Engagement, Wedding, End of the Year, New Year, Welcome and Farewell parties, Birthday Celebration, Anniversary Celebration, Buddhist mass, etc.

Price List
Banquet (10-80 persons) 5,000 yen- for 1 person
Meeting (5-20 persons) 2,000 yen- for room charge
(Including service charge, not including tax)
Engagement / banquet /
Buddhist mass
(2-80 persons)
5,000 yen- for 1 person
(Not including drink, service charge, tax)
  • * The price for year-end parties and new year parties are subject to negotiate.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us about dishes, budget, etc.
  • * Drinks (sake, whiskey, beer, shochu, coffee, juice, etc.) are available.

Calm and ease travelers’ mind. We always think that we want to make here such a peaceful place.

*Please read frequently asked questions beforehand.

7 guest rooms
(6 Japanese-style room, 1 Western-style room, 2 Special rooms)
15 Parking lot
Reservation required
Check in from 16:00 / Check out until 10:00

The price varies depending on the content of the dishes.
Please feel free to consult us about the price.

Hot water from the Oku Dogo hot spring source

It is a colorless and transparent alkaline simple hot spring that warms your body to the core.
There are 2 hot water bath tubs inside.
Depending on time, you can use it as your private bath.

Efficacy: rheumatism, arthralgia, lower back pain, stress relief, fifty shoulders,
fatigue recovery, health promotion, etc.

* We charge 150 yen as bathing tax at the site.

Adult's hideout. Welcome to new Futaba.

It is a soba restaurant at day time and becomes a bar lounge at night. Please enjoy your favorite soba which you can't taste anywhere else.
We also have commitments to the beautiful vessels. Extraordinary moments with dark lighting and heavy tables.

Soba restaurant "Futaba" where our chef shows the ability

In Futaba, which has flow from Sendan, every dishes from soup to Tempura is same as Sendan.
You can enjoy the delicious food at the time with fresh soba. Please taste the best taste by all means.

All soba menus come with omelet.
It is limited to 20 orders. We don’t serve any more as soon as it is sold out.
"Cold Soba" and "Hot Soba" are for 850 yen (tax included) each.
We use different Buckwheat flour depending on the season, so you can feel the different flavor.

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 to 13:30

  • * At night, we only accept a course reservation for 1 group.
  • * We don’t accept a seat reservation, but accept a Soba reservation by phone. (+81-89-977-2055)

Closed: Sunday / Monday (Please contact us if Monday is a public holiday)

You can use credit card and QR payment.

In Sendan, various credit cards,
QR settlement can be used.
Please make a request when making a payment.

Credit Card Available Brand:
VISA, MasterCard, JCB,
American Express, Diners Club
QR payment available brand:
PayPay, Cloud Pay


3 minutes by car from Dogo Onsen.
Welcome to ”Sendan” that haunted nestling like a hideout.

1-chome-3-28, Ishite, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-0852 JAPAN

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Tourist attractions

  • Matsuyama Castle
    Matsuyama Castle

    One of Japan's Three Great Hirayama Castles.
    There is a ropeway.

    icon50 minutes on foot

  • Dogo Onsen
    Dogo Onsen

    A hot spring with a history of about three thousand years.
    Famous for its Soseki's “Botchan”.

    icon21 minutes on foot

  • Ishite Temple
    Ishite Temple

    51st bill station in Shikoku Reijo.
    The Niomon gate is a national treasure.
    There are other important cultural properties.

    icon5 minutes on foot

  • Shiki Memorial Museum
    Shiki Memorial Museum

    Memorial hall of Haiku poet, Shiki Masaoka, who was born in Matsuyama
    There are his memorial goods.

    icon18 minutes on foot

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